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Palestinians to hold legislative polls in may abbasi in the south. The Palestinian Authority and international human rights organizations warned last week that violence in the south could continue, possibly resulting in an escalation in violence. In response, the Palestinians have been calling on the UN to impose a no-fire zone around Abbas' Gaza Strip.

(Reuters and AFP)
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Top italian mafia boss arrested after decades on the run

L'Enfant Sauvage, the main suspect in the murder of three teenagers in the Sainte-Geneviève region in 2011, was caught near the town of Montpellier in eastern France on Thursday as he was attempting to flee after receiving bail for the crime from a judge in an eastern town, officials said.

A local court on Friday approved the release of Roberto Amadio, 53, after he surrendered to police after being ordered to stand trial on Tuesday on one count of murder and for being on the run since he was arrested back in 1980.

Three others involved in the death of Philippe Moulinier, 20, and Christophe Ribery, 16, also were released on bail after being arrested in the southern city of Le Mans on Tuesday.

The group, who were also charged with the deaths of several others, fled on a boat into a bar in the northern French town of Brossac in eastern France, according to sources close to the investigation.

Moulinier, who was a member of the "Elite 5" crime family, the Sainte-Geneviève elite gang, had been missing for the past two weeks, despite a tip-off from SIS and several weeks of radio communications from a relative of his.

After being arrested, Moulinier told a family friend to contact him before a car pulled up next to him. He said he was going to meet a friend from prison.

The friends went back inside his house, where a gangster who helped Moulinier escape earlier drove his car past police officers on foot.

The court also confirmed Friday that Moulinier received a two-year jail sentence for being on the run after the release of Amadio.

Investigators also suspect Amadio had links to the murder of his brother in 2012 when he took the car of a cousin he was working with from prison and drove it into the water nearby his home in Brossac.

A man who answered the door at the Sainte-Geneviève regional police station declined to comment when reached by AFP, saying he could not speak for an official investigation.

The local newspaper L'Express said the family of the two teenagers were given the news about Amadio's release "with great joy and gratitude" by other relatives.

"My daughter, Martine, 23, said, 'It's good to be back home. I love you so much now. I just want to get back to school in January.'"

08. Juli 2020 um 00:55:52

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